With their interesting shapes and ornate details, birdcages are no longer just for birds. Whether they are made of wood or metal, newly painted or rusted and bent, these stylish floral receptacles instantly create a display and can showcase anything from indoor plants and freshly cut blooms to books and nests.

Vintage cages tend to be more decorative and visually interesting than today’s mass-produced pet store versions, and are typically the style used for decorating. You can also find good reproductions that mimic the style and details of their vintage forefathers, but which aren’t an actual, working birdcage.

As an alternative to your standard floral centrepieces, birdcages add a tasteful element and project a sense of order and refinement. They also provide some height.

You’ll find them in various shapes and sizes and, if purchasing them, you can paint them to tone with your theme.

Small floral arrangements can fill up the space inside most adequately, but let your imagination run wild. Think votive candles, wedding favours, a seating card or advice cards for the new couple.

To take this idea a step further, you could try using cages of alternating heights or sizes, but keeping the colour uniform in order to hold the overall look together. A long row can make a striking presentation at your reception, and they’re sure to be great conversation starters.

Hang them off trees to decorate an outdoor area, from the ceiling or rafters, and even a marquee … picture cascades of flowers oozing through the bars.

By simply adding ribbon, candles, florals, signs and other accents, you can make a boring birdcage into a fun and creative addition to your special day – stylish centrepieces that won’t break the bank. A handful of roses placed inside and trailing ivy spilling through the bars can instantly turn an empty birdcage into a work of art with little effort.

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