There’s a certain clarity and crispness that you get with

HOUR studio flash which simply can’t be achieved any other way – look at the detail in the model’s amazing tattoos here. For those just getting started, things can seem a little daunting. But studio flash is no black art, just a combination of basic lighting principles and camera skills.

You don’t necessarily need a studio – any fairly large room will do, so the best place to start is at home, with a home studio flash kit. A kit like this offers a range of benefits. It gives you full control over exposure, while the high flash power means you can use lower ISOs and consequently produce images with less noise.

A studio flash kit also effectively gives you control over depth of field, as increasing or decreasing the power lets you open or close your aperture.

The biggest advantage, however, is the control that studio flash gives you over the quality of the light. You can choose whether it’s diffuse or harsh, spread wide or in a narrow beam, and you can choose to have it emitting from any angle. Let’s get started…

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