If a Groom were to smash a piece of cake

If a Groom were to smash a piece of cake over his Bride’s head now, I doubt that it would be well received – all the more so after she’s spent so long on the hairdo and make up. It used to represent his power over her, but we’re supposed to be equal these days….. (that’s fodder for another article altogether).

All jest aside, the cake cutting tradition in modern times still carries a lot of weight, and no small amount of emotion. The ritual symbolises the couple’s commitment to provide for one another, and to nurture each other, and the beginning of a new life together.

And let’s face it, the sharing of food with friends we care for, and who care about us, is as old as time, and something that doesn’t go out of fashion.

So, while we may ask “Why have a wedding cake? ” … it seems the humble (or not so humble, depending on your budget) wedding cake is here to stay for a wee while yet.


You may decide you want to reflect the seasonal timing of your wedding in your cake, and carry the seasonal theme through the rest of your celebration in relation to the venue, decor and settings, what you wear and what you eat.

Summer is the most popular time of year to marry, for obvious reasons it’s “easier”, warmer, you can wear less, waft about on dry grass, paddle barefoot in the sea, enjoy a garden ceremony, dance in a marquee …. It simply allows for more options and, as far as any cake goes, the same thing applies. Lush flowers, lots of colour, abundance, shells, beach themes … almost anything goes. Bright painted floral designs work well.

Pretty much the same applies to Springtime, although it is perhaps a more delicate time of year … softer colours, a lighter touch; birds, bees and butterflies and gentle florals. Citrus flavour cakes are more popular at this time of year, and in the Summer months, too.

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