The Wine Box Before your big day, gather a wooden box, a bottle of wine and two glasses. Write love notes to each other. Seal your letter without letting your betrothed read what you’ve written. During the ceremony, place the love notes inside the wooden box with the wine and glasses. Take turns hammering the box shut. Agree to keep the box sealed until a special anniversary, or at least until you hit a rough patch … then, break open the box, pour the wine, read the letters, and remember what it’s all about!

Tying the Knot Keen boaties, or those who love spending time on the water, can use this nautical symbolism to represent what you know and love. The knot is called the “true lovers’ knot” – the strongest there is; it will not break, and will only become stronger when under pressure. The rope itself will likely break before the knot comes undone. Your celebrant should present the rope during the ceremony, before the vows are said, and the couple would tie their nautical knot together. The finished knot symbolises your future, and how your love and marriage will continue to be strong, despite any trials life may throw your way. This knot could be framed and placed on the wall at home as a reminder of the strength of your love and commitment in marriage.

Toast If you often set aside time at the end of your day to enjoy a cold beer, then it might be appropriate then to clink bottles at the end of the ceremony and share your first beersies together. Similarly, you might be wine connoisseurs, in which case you might like to open a bottle of your favourite wine to toast each other with. If you’re a couple known for your celebrations, perhaps you’ll want shake up a magnum of champagne at the end of the ceremony and pop it in celebration. Another idea is to include the whole audience in offering a toast. You would toast each other as husband and wife, the audience would turn to the person next to them clink glasses and say cheers and then all raise their glasses in a toast to the happy couple.

Candle Lighting There are many ways you can shine the light of love on your ceremony. It might be appropriate to recognise loved ones who couldn’t be there by lighting a candle of remembrance, acknowledging that while not there, they are not forgotten. I utilise an enclosed lantern for this purpose, so that the candle can be lit outside or inside. Candles can also be used to represent the unity that marriage brings, and are a great way of incorporating family into the ceremony and honouring them. Mums could come forward and light taper candles, one representing each family. Then the couple would take each lit candle and together light the Unity candle, symbolising their love and commitment to walk together on the same path in marriage; two families and two separate earlier paths becoming one.

Ring Warming This is simply an opportunity for your guests to offer their love and well wishes to your marriage. Very early in the proceedings, the rings will be passed around and each guest will hold the rings and offer their silent wishes. In essence, the rings are warmed by the loving energy and support of your family and friends that you then wear for a lifetime.

There are some wonderful ways you can create and craft your ceremony with meaning. Look for ways that reflect your relationship and who you are as a couple in your ceremony.

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