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We believe that to be truly successful in your own profession, it must be something that you love to do. As a full-time, full-service wedding consultant, we offer a unique and uncompromising perpersonalized service that will appeal to time management professional couples who want a tailor-made wedding- but without the endless and time consuming appointments with dozens of vendors.

People may ask what is the perfect wedding

For us, it is not simply a matter of meeting with a photographer or a caterer, looking at his or her books and then having to copy one of their ideas. Each wedding should be unique and customized to be a reflection of the bride and groom. This comes from tapping into your imagination, your sense of style, and your creativity.

We encourage and inspire our clients with a tried and true formula to arrive at these answers and then, working with professional vendors, we design and create an unforgettable day as they begin their journey of the heart together.

If you have done most of the planning yourself, consider hiring a consultant for the day of the wedding. While many brides are more than capable of creating and managing a fabulous wedding, the last thing you need to be bothered with is last minute details and endless checklists on the day of the wedding.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and as if you are going in a million different directions, a good consultant will organize and arrange every detail so that not only will you enjoy and have fun during the entire planning process but especially on the wedding day – from the moment you wake up to your departure at the reception you can relax and have the time of your life knowing absolutely everything is taken care of.

Why can’t I do the planning myself?

You certainly can do the planning yourself and sometimes that is the fun part about getting married! But it can also be time consuming and stressful.


Because you have to check out numerous of resources for each service, search for the best deals for your money, make sure all the details are in place the day of the wedding and still stay relaxed and stressed free. Some couples may need the assistance but are reluctant to hire a wedding consultant because they feel they might lose control of the decision making.

We work within your guidelines and under your constant supervision. You control how much we get involved. We do not want you to be a “I can not wait until this is over-bride”, who has been stressed throughout the planning stage and will hardly enjoy her wedding day, because she is too worried about something going wrong. The last thing you want after your wedding day, is regrets or thoughts about what you would have done differently, if you could.

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