You’ve no doubt seen glorious wedding photographs plastered over social media. The most recent which blew me away are shots by Charleton Churchill of James and Ashley, the first couple to exchange vows at the Mt Everest base camp in a wedding gown and tux. I’ve never seen a more breath-taking set of images. The scenery was overwhelming! It got me thinking though, about the time and effort that all three of them (and I’m sure many more) put into the planning of this adventurous wedding. In his blog he mentions how they trained for a year in preparation for the big event!

So, is a wedding abroad really all its hyped up to be? If you’re contemplating a wedding in an exotic land, then Ithere are a few things to consider in preparation.

The Legal Documentation Depending on which country you’re eyeing up to get married in, it’s always worth firing up the internet and browsing for the legalities of that country – and ensure the site is current. It would be a heart breaking tale if you tied the knot, and then found out that the marriage was void because the country’s policies were not followed. When in doubt, you can always contact the country’s embassy, and request all the information you will need.

Planning Many people have shared stories in the past about using wedding planners, or planning it themselves. So which one is right for you?

While it might be exciting to plan things yourself, take into consideration the following points.

Firstly, do you speak, or can you communicate in, the native language of the country you are visiting, and will you be comfortable contacting local suppliers?

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Bryllup Holbæk
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Perhaps take some time to visit the location you are thinking of to get an understanding of where the localities are. For example the hotels, the markets, or even the local church, should you need it.

If this is a country you’ve never visited before, and it’s not within your budget or available time frame for a pre-wedding visit, you might be best to book things through a wedding travel specialist.

Do you have the necessary budget? It might be an obvious question, but ensure you have plenty of expenditure in case you need to spend more than you were hoping. It would be tragic if you ran into any issues and didn’t have any funds in reserve to cover it.

If you were to use a wedding travel specialist, you could discuss things like insurance and other safeguards, as well as feeling secure in the knowledge that someone is doing the tedious legwork for you. While there is a cost usually for their services, these wedding travel specialist will have the professional skills to organise an incredible wedding, without you having to lift a finger. You can also check if particular resorts have their own in-house wedding planners. Both wedding travel specialist and weddign planners can assist you with the necessary legal documentation, which they will submit and file at the correct times.

The Outfit The smaller accessories of your wedding outfit will be easy to take with you. Wedding shoes, jewellery, headpieces etc can fit comfortably into your luggage. An ornate wedding dress is another story – there’s bound to be an extra cost for the excess weight. So consider your style of dress carefully if you intend to travel with it. Otherwise, an alternative could be purchasing the dress at the location. If you were visiting the locality on a recce visit, you may be able to select a dress at a shop and have it fitted. That way the dress will be waiting for you when you arrive.

The Party One of the biggest concerns for a wedding abroad are the guests. Amazing as it would be to be able to fly everyone with you on one budget, its frankly, out of reach for most couples. So compiling a guest list is essential. It might be that for the ceremony abroad, you only invite close family, and have a second celebration at home at a later date. Be sure to give invited guests plenty of notice, and even go as far as suggesting hotels in the surrounding area and providing price comparisons. It might make it easier for them to say yes!

Finally, take into consideration any holidays, either at home or at your wedding destination. A wedding during an annual fesitval sounds like fun, but you should understand that it might be difficult in terms of suppliers as well as accommodation availability.

Leave no stone unturned when planning for this day, even if you are using a wedding planner. Bounce ideas around and ask questions of them – it will give you peace of mind and help to create the perfect wedding abroad!

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