DOs & DON’Ts

With so much talk about ‘unplugged’ weddings and using wedding hashtags, it can get confusing for guests to know when it is appropriate to take photos on their phones or cameras at a wedding, so here it is …

DO – BEFORE the ceremony By all means, go ahead. It is entirely appropriate to take photos with other guests or of the venue and surrounds.

DON’T – DURING the ceremony In fact, from the time your butt is in that seat, on that hay bale or in mid-air (if you are standing) it is time to put that camera or phone away and let the professionals do their job.

DO – DURING cocktail hour Once the bride, groom and bridal party are off doing their photo shoot, you can whip out your camera and starting clicking away at all the fun antics going on.

DO & DON’T – DURING the reception There are some times when taking photos is absolutely fine, like when you have just sat down and you want to snap a pic of that cute favour box or entree, or when you witness your grandma on the dance floor with moves you seriously didn’t know she had.

There are also times you should keep that camera tucked away, such as during the formal parts of the evening – i.e. cake cutting, during the speeches etc.


You should probably check in with the happy couple BEFORE the wedding day to see what their thoughts are on pictures being posted to social media. Some couples don’t like any photos up whatsoever, some like to wait until they can put their own up and others are checking in on the way to the ceremony to see who has already uploaded and hashtagged everyone is different!

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