A talented team of industry experts and renowned stylists, with wedding dress designs by Maggie Sottero and Nicole Spose, have brought to life a beautifully styled shoot set amongst alluring lavender fields.

Influences & Inspiration As you’ll find with your wedding, you’ll start off with an idea but you will soon witness it beautifully morphing into something beyond your wildest expectations and often so different, in a good way, to how you originally wanted it to be.

We initially had our hearts set on darker and moodier look – think rich plums and velvet reds, set in an enchanting forest with that wild, untamed spirit of the boho couple. Our ideas were constantly changing but, at the heart of it all, we wanted to create something that wasn’t a copy of something that’s been done before. We took inspiration from images we had seen online and ran free with it, letting it take a life of its own.

It organically moved towards more earthy tones and we found ourselves then wanting to achieve a more feminine, fairy tale theme with the incorporation of our stylist’s own individual touch. She defines her personal style as boho and hippy – and soon realised it’s hard to separate yourself from it all – just as you will find it hard to not bring into your wedding day you and your partner’s own personality and lovable quirks. You want to make the experience personal and you want to have a connection with it. You have to make the day well and truly yours.

In the end, we unexpectedly but pleasantly ended up with a boho meets soft purple with that much-needed elegant touch brought in by the gold accents.

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