Hard to comtemplate sweltering summer days in the midst of winter, but it is around the corner – promise! Many happy couples opt for summer for the big day as it generally guarantees finer weather, but that finer weather soon presents its own set of issues!

HAIR & MAKEUP Foundation that cakes in the humidity, hair that frizzles and curls, sweat running down your forehead or, worse, under your armpits! Consider an updo to keep long hair off your neck. If your hair is prone to frizz in humidity, talk to your hair salon about products specifically for this purpose. Your makeup can be spritzed to help keep the face cooler, and a little dusting of translucent powder will help to clear up any shine! Do talk to your makeup artist and let them know you’ll be in the heat! Minimal is usually best in the height of summer. Consider a matte foundation, and carry a few face blotting sheets in your purse. Wedding

KEEP IT LIGHT While the bride is likely to be in white, do give consideration to the guys and the bridesmaids. Steer away from black or dark colours such as navy. It’s far better to go with creams, a soft beige, or even a little pastel! Keep frocks at summer length, too … forget the full skirts and long sleeves! Perhaps also consider swapping blooms for parasols for your maids!

A PLACE TO SHELTER Rain or shine, a marquee or small tent of some description, preferably with comfortable seating, is a good idea for both the bridal party and guests to escape to!

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