If a choreographed first dance is good enough for Justin Timerblake, surely you should consider it, too? Just like Justin, you can keep your lessons a secret from everyone else … and then blow their socks off on the big day!

Sophie Day, author of The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide, said at the time that Timberlake could revolutionise the stereotype of a quick shuffle around the floor for first dances.

“While even the likes of President Obama and even Mick Jagger have been described as ‘dad dancers’, a little coaching can get your groom up to Timberlake standard in no time,” she said. “It’s all about confidence and the best way to grow confidence is with lessons.”

Karen Hardy, Strictly Come Dancing champion, put together the following top tips for grooms looking to avoid ‘dad dancing’ and err on the side of smooth.

• Move naturally and with confidence to start with. Don’t risk your more unbridled moves until the cheers say you should.

• A drink or partner in one hand is often useful as then you only have to think about the one other flailing.

• If you’re going for natty older rocker, think Bruce/The Boss rather than Jagger for tight shoulder shrugs, standing with your legs slightly apart in an upturned V shape, and tap alternate legs. Perhaps lace it with the odd hip wiggle and nod of the head.

• Footwork should be sophisticated and light, but not fey. When you get to the point where you want to add a flourish, go with a subtle spin with your right foot tucked in front of your left, and propel with the balls of your feet. You want Astaire rather than Fagin here.

• Keep your core strong, and your knees relaxed to stop you looking too rigid.

If in doubt at any time, just think “what would Tom Ford, George Clooney or Bryan Ferry do? ”

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