When it comes to decorating an event space, always examine the venue from every angle. Every nook, cranny and surface is a design opportunity, and that includes the ceiling.

Decorating a ceiling may not be the first thing on your décor list, but it does present a unique blank canvas just waiting to be transformed. Just like the rest of your venue, the roof space of a ballroom, large hall or marquee can be customised to suit your wedding.

If your budget allows, suspending oversized floral displays overhead is about as good as it gets. Large wreaths of flowers and foliage, perhaps with hanging threads of single flowers draping down, will take your guests’ breath away.

Around the world we’re seeing lots of suspended floral décor, and there are lots of clever ways to use this technique. For starters, you don’t have to cover the entire ceiling with suspended flowers – this would be very expensive to do and most likely outside the average budget. That said, if you are hanging flowers in larger quantities, you will need very few flowers elsewhere in your venue. Instead of lavish floral centrepieces on your tables, keep things below simple.

By hanging a few flowers from existing chandeliers at your venue, you can create that extra touch of elegance and whimsy without breaking the bank. Working chandeliers will create additional ambiance; if there are no chandeliers, consider adding fairy lights or using candles.

When suspending flowers in place of centrepieces, you can dangle the flowers one-by-one or create a floral curtain. The flowers should end above guests’ eye level when seated, to avoid hindering conversation on each table. If the ceiling doesn’t soar, make sure you only suspend over tables, thus avoiding a few banged heads!

Hanging floral centrepieces add a layer of luxury and detail to any wedding ceremony or reception. The overall look is a visually interesting alternative to tall centrepieces. Be bold, and use some of the countless variations of this hanging flower trend. No matter whether your wedding is an ultraelegant occasion or rustically casual affair, they’re perfect for adding drama to your décor. Some indoor venues will be perfect for hanging decorations, boasting high ceilings with beams, without requiring even the slightest change. Some may require an extra touch of creativity, but your floral designer is bound to have a solution.

Don’t confine this idea to indoor weddings – consider it for decorating a gazebo or marquee, a porch or portico. Make the most of the natural canopies created by overhanging branches or trees!

Take the flowers off the table and into the air for a truly stunning and unique look!

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