Loose, free flowing wedding bouquets are a popular floral trend with an effortlessness feel.

A long trailing bouquet can look striking says celebrity event planner, Colin Cowie. “Arrangements are a bit looser, more organic and eclectic in feel. Brides are focused on giving their wedding a very personalised look, and bouquets – especially for summer weddings – have more of that ‘just picked, freshly cut from the garden’ flair.”

Think messy, wild and right off the vine. If you’re an avant-garde kind of girl, you’ll appreciate this fashion forward approach compared to the predictably tidy classic bouquet.

That said, rest assured that ‘vintage’ is not going anywhere in a hurry. Think antique colour palettes, handles wrapped in vintage lace and heirlooms, and loose flowing bouquets and posies reminiscent of family wedding images from generations-past. Trailing, vintage and free-flowing effects can be created for any themed wedding, whether you opt for a mix of English garden-like flowers or natives and wildflowers.

Brides used to walk down the aisle with a traditional trailing bouquet wired and glued into a holder. Although lovely, and still popular, it tends to look very structured and neat and, unless the right soft, flowing foliage is used, can look a tad stiff. Brides are increasingly requsting creations that are more natural – rustic bouquets, with that just-picked look. The trailing part often comes from the foliage, using varieties such as honeysuckle, jasmine, olive leaves, ferns, eucalyptus foliage and a range of natural grasses which have a soft, flowing natural effect. Everything about this style of bouquet is blousy and romantic, so it’s important to use flowers that have a trailing, flowing quality to them such as daisies, garden roses, lisianthus and many more.

Trailing or formal, go with what you love and what makes your heart sing!

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