As with all aspects of your wedding cake, the covering comes down to your own preference and style. I were to marry my gorgeous husband all over again, I would choose frosting. I love the informality of frosting; it’s very nature ties in beautifully with the vintage themes that are so popular. To my mind, there is nothing prettier than a frosted cake with beautiful ribbon, adorned with fresh flowers – just stunning!

If you like a slightly more formal design but prefer the taste of frosting, then you should consider opting for a smooth frosted base, embellished with fondant decorations. Hand-made sugar flowers are particularly effective.

If you do opt for a frosted design, remember to ask your cake designer what type of frostings they offer. A cream cheese frosting or a pure white snow cream frosting seem to appeal to the vast majority, but there are other options available that your cake designer may also be able to offer, including Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Italian Meringue Buttercream or American frosting – all super yummy!

If your tastes lean more towards fondant, then the design options are extremely varied. I would feel confident to say that any theme can be bought to life with fondant. It is possible to create all sorts of magic, right across the board, from simple elegance to flirty ruffles and intricately detailed sugar flowers. Fondant does exceptionally well in the hands of very artistic cake designers who can create extroadinary wonders with it – whether on cupcakes or a more traditional wedding cake.

One of the main things to consider is the season you are marrying in. Be mindful that your cake designer should be asking you about the venue and where the cake table is situated, particularly if you are considering frosting during the summer. No cake will take kindly to being placed in direct heat or sunlight! Most established wedding venues are well aware of this and will provide an appropriate setting. However, if you plan to marry in a domestic or rural setting, please do not be tempted to think that the cake will look beautiful situated outside for all the guests to admire during the ceremony – it will not look very beautiful after it has been sitting for an hour or two in the February heat and all the icing has melted onto the ground!

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