This year’s wedding season is in full swing with some new trends and musts. If you don’t know how to make your nuptials trendy and on point, here are some hot trends you should keep your eye on.

Unique invitations If you want your guests to be excited for the wedding from the very beginning, then you must have some eye-catching invitations. Just some of the trends in that department are glow-in-the-dark ink invitations, Plexiglas, stamps and some very bold envelopes. This way, your invitation will never get misplaced or forgotten.

Add a splash of colour While neutrals and pastels have always been a safe way to go when it comes to weddings, in 2017 bold colours are where it’s at. What you’re going to see are some bright colour pairings and bold shades. Since greenery is the Colour of the Year, you can expect to see a lot of this earthy and vibrant shade everywhere, from napkins to bridesmaids’ dresses. This colour is perfect for all seasons, venues and themes.

Bring it to life Wedding decorators are going back to nature, filling venues with potted trees and plants, and decorating tables with wood and stone. Those nature elements will make your nuptials look like a fairytale wedding. Don’t hesitate to supersize your bouquets and revisit some of the oldschool elements such as pageants and cascades.

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