Yeah, you’ve heard it all before … lists, lists and more lists. But seriously, you only get one chance to get things right, so it pays to go over your To Do items again and again. Have you really thought of it all?

LEGALITIES Ensure you have your officiant booked and your marriage licence sorted.

ORDER Have you written up an order of the day sheet? Having a program to work with makes it easier for all your suppliers to coordinate, and for those helping out on the day to stick to schedule. Include cellphone numbers for all suppliers, assistants, the venue staff, your photographer, and of course the bride and groom.

MUSIC Have you booked your DJ and sorted your playlist out? Go through your song choices carefully. We saw a note recently about breakup songs sounding, quite often, like love songs!

READINGS Have you asked anyone to give a reading during your ceremony? Whatever you do, don’t have a dozen people standing up to have their moment. The general rule is 3 readings or songs max, and around 90 seconds each in length.

RITUALS Couples tying the knot quite often want to include some form of ritual in their ceremony. Whether it’s lighting candles together, performing a sand ceremony, sipping champagne, skulling a shot of tequilla or vodka, or breaking a glass/plate … do check that it’s okay with your venue first. Check also that your chosen ritual sits well with both the bride and groom, and parents or family. In today’s world of multi-cultural weddings, this could be an issue!

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