VOWS Perhaps the most important words the bride and groom will ever speak out loud, in front of witnesses, are your vows. Make them personal, make them about you!

Do you want traditional vows that see you taking each other for better or for worse, or would you prefer something totally unique? If you’re writing it from scratch, treat it as you would a short story … have an introduction, a middle section and a closing. Start with your partner’s name and what they mean to you. The middle is where you can talk about why you love them. The closing will be your promise to your partner going forward.

THE SCENE Have you planned your reception and ceremony completely? There are endless checklists for these available on the internet … lights, music, cars, photographer, flowers, cake ….. no doubt you have a few that you’re already ticking off.

On the day, appoint a few close friends or family members who can welcome your guests, get them a drink if appropriate, or usher them to their seats. If your parents aren’t assisting you with dressing, they often love getting involved here. If you’re doing a rehearsal, make sure all those who will be involved are in attendance – ushers, greeters, etc.

Consider guest comfort, particularly if your wedding is standing-only, say at the beach. Standing for long periods of time can be tiring on elderly relatives, especially if it’s hot. Always provide a few fold up chairs!

There’s fashionably late … and then there’s LATE!

Our final note is this … once the day arrives relax! You’ve done all you can to make the day special, now you need to chill and enjoy it. Talk to friend who have married and they’ll all tell you the same thing : the day goes by in a blur. Take time to savour precious moments, try to spend a little time chatting to all your guests, find a quiet corner where you and your newlywed can be alone for five minutes.

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