Reflections of love

Reflections of love

Mirrors are a wonderful way of adding a little extra sparkle to special occasions. You can use them as the base to centrepieces, allowing them to reflect light if candles are placed on them. Even outdoor weddings have been known to benefit from the addition of mirrors … and this Barlow mirror has beautiful tones that will tie in with any theme.

Once home, the bronze tones would look fabulous as an addition to just about any colour scheme.

Going Zen

These Stoneleigh & Roberson Zen Candle has a heavenly gardenia fragrance. The organic ceramic pot and muted grey and white colours will suit rustic weddings as easly as a more contemporary setting.

Plus, with a burn time of 50 hours, they’ll be sure to last for home use long after the wedding!

Going Tropo

Wanted a Fiji wedding, but logistics said no? Bring the beach to your wedding by placing a few of these Mini Palms around the venue.

At just under a metre in height, they’d look amazing at the start of your aisle, or on either side of your bridal arch.

Apart from adding a tropical touch, they could be used to screen unsightly areas of the venue.

At home, they can be used in the living, bedrooms or office … they’re easy maintenance with just a light dusting now and again.

Table Talk

The Sawyer side table is the perfect accompaniment to Moroccon-themed weddings. Imagine a fringed marquee overhead, ornate rugs underfoot, lavish lounge pillows and beanbags in abundance, richly toned candles and a fire pit nearby …. simply divine!

At home, they’re perfect for living spaces or as bedside tables.

Light things up

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to showcase tealights … and we love this set of three Vela candle holders in varying heights. Clustered in a group, they’d make a sensational addition to your tablescape, their soft green and white tones matching any florals.

Scented Genius

Aromage Scented Diffusers come in a variety of fragrances. Choose your favourite to dot around the wedding reception venue. After the party, just pop the reeds out, seal the bottle and they’ll keep perfectly until you get back from honeymoon. The aromas in your home will softly remind you of your fabulous wedding day for weeks to come.

Serve them in style

This Finn serving board would look fabulous laden with cheese and crackers at your reception.

It could also be used as a base to your centrepiece, dotted with flowers, candles, luscious fruit etc.

On show

Many couples dot photos of their premarried life around the reception, some using them as table identifiers. They’re also a fabulous way to having a deceased family member present on the day!

Chances are you’re going to need a few photo frames for your favourite wedding pics … and some like to give filled frames as gifts to family as a momento of the wedding.

Rack it up

Cool weather weddings will see guests wearing jackets and coats. If your venue doesn’t offer somewhere safe to hang them all, consider a coat stand or two to place near the entrance to your reception.

After the wedding, they can be used near your front door for your own jackets and coats, and even in the bedroom or walk-in robe for handbags. They’re also fabulous in bathrooms or near the pool for towels!

Hanging Out

If your venue has rafters or beams, try these Liam hanging pots (come in a set of two). Fill them with a draping plant such as ivory, and then add battery operated bud lights for a real touch of magic.

At home, they’ll do hours of duty in the kitchen if filled with herbs. Or keep the same ivory going and hang them in the bathroom. They can also be utilised outdoors, so don’t forget the patio or balcony!


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