Keep the little ones entertained with some forethought … and you’ll have a far more relaxed wedding.

Colouring books and crayons, drawing pads, chalk boards and colourful chalks are all great ways to keep kids amused. Family friendly restaurants often have paper tablecloths that kids can draw directly onto … get them all scribbling away and you could end up with a work of art!

Stack up a variety of board games, the type obviously dependant upon the age of the kids. Jigsaw puzzles could also be appropriate for slightly older ones.

If there are only a few kids, you could personalise a play pack for each one, including games and activities that are age sensitive, or perhaps apply to specific hobbies you know they love.

How about thinking outside the square with a personalised “I Spy” or treasure hunt game. Sure, it will take you a little while to think of things that you know will happen during the day (the first kiss, a specific toast, a certain song playing) for your I Spy thriller, but it will keep their attention fixed on what’s going on. For the treasure hunt, you’ll have to know the venue, perhaps visiting the day before to set up treasure tokens. How about a dispoable camera each to snap the I Spy moment, or the treasure hunt clue.

Keep them happy with kid-friendly food. Don’t expect three year olds to enjoy the fine dining adult fare! Hotdogs, burgers, skewered fresh fruit, sandwiches – these are likely to go down a whole lot better than suckling pork! And don’t forget to provide healthy beverage options – too much fizz and you could have a miniature John Travolta on the dancefloor!

If you have a photoboth, allocate kiddie props, too … and perhaps even allocate a set half hour or so for them to go crazy in it.

Activities like hula hoops, life size chess or Jenga, croquet or petanque have the added bonus of attracting adults on and off over the course of the day.

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