Tablescape Decorate

Tablescape Decorate the wooden table with geodes and gems that will stand out – think purple, rose or clear quartz and amethyst. For structure, add geometric vases and candleholders. For the platting, go with white with gold edges, paired with gold cutlery wrapped in ripped soft lilac silk ribbon. Use gold scripted ink on the name tags layered on a lilac cloth.

Indoor Tablescape The main difference with the inside setting is that it was more elaborate and formal.

Centerpiece & DIY Dare to be different and to really leave an impression on your guests. Cow skulls may seem a little too eccentric, but you can glam things up to your own liking and add your own touches. We purchased one for $50, spray painted it white with gold horns, glued on the lace and embellished it with pearls, diamantes, jewels and a sparkling earring dropping from its forehead. We made it romantic and feminine in our own way.

Food All of your guests will be eagerly awaiting dessert, so continue the theme and make it extra special for them! Go with a crowd favourite: macarons. Sprinkle some gold glitter and flakes onto them. Add berry-filled desserts for a rich contrast of reds and purples. To continue through with a casual vibe, you can’t go wrong with a high tea spread.

Lighting The daylight hours will provide that soft natural lighting, but you’ll likely be celebrating far into the night, so keep the atmosphere inviting and romantic by hanging some lights from the tree above. Tie glass candle holders to a thick rope and … here’s our key piece of advice … go with electronic or battery operated candles which should be easy to source from the local discount store. Surround your guests with a warm glow and even go with dressing the tree with fairy lights – again, source battery or solar powered so you don’t have extension leads everywhere!

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