After the wedding and honeymoon is over, it’s time to return to resume some semblence of normality with everyday life. After all those long nights of planning and stressing, days and evenings filled with lists, images, business cards and meetings, daily life can soon feel a little humdrum.

We can offer some advice in this regard … firstly, try never to let the honeymoon be really over. Go on regular date nights, continue to treat your partner to unexpected gifts and thank-yous, and continue to cherish each other every single day.

Secondly, do something special with your home decorating. Even if you’ve been cohabitating for a few years before the wedding, it’s still fabulous to come back from your honeymoon to new linens, fresh towels and a few extra bits and pieces dotted around what is now the marital home!

One great way to do this without breaking the bank, is to utilise homewares that you can use again at home for your wedding décor.

Ezibuy have a range of fabulous décor items that are suitable for just this purpose … and we’ve picked out some of our favourites that we think will be winners both on the wedding front and the home front!

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