Location Picking

Location Picking the perfect location, setting or venue is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Once that’s locked in, you can plan all the finer details around it. We looked at the possibility of hosting this shoot at a beach or forest, until we realised that we would have to change our themes and colours slightly based on the location. Consider the surroundings and the lighting, we chose this location because it was stunning throughout each hour of the day!

Colours Shades of purple, ranging from deep to pastel ,and blended with soft pinks will add a feminine feel. Coupling that with crisp whites and creamy colours and touches of gold will contribute a perfect touch of contrast and highlight. The green adds a sense of vibrancy and should be present through the floral arrangements and natural surroundings so as to not overdo it. Adding touches of metallic throughout your special day will add a sophisticated and modern element.

Décor & Texture A traditional wooden table adds a charmingly rustic, relaxed countryside elegance and allows for an intimate gathering that isn’t overly formal. Set against it lightly washed lavender fabrics for a soft, romantic feel. For a hippy, casual feel that really welcomes your guests, go with an elaborately patterned rug at the base, then layer it with fur rugs, sequins and tasseled throws, a range of cushions inspired by Moroccan prints, thickly stitched accessories and metallic gold ottomans. Find inspiration from the heart of Morocco and bring it into the 21st century.

Florals Ask your florist for a blooming, elaborate arrangement that will speak for itself – leafy greens and succulents with pastel pink roses and lavender sprigs dotted throughout. Pay attention to detail and serve your guests a soft purple beverage in crystal glassware, with fresh lavender sprigs for a thoughtful touch.

Allow the floral arrangements to be unstructured and messy. You want an effortless, natural, organic-looking and free-flowing arrangement that will steal the show.

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