Memorable photos

Memorable photos Guests at weddings loooove to take photos … and what better way to provide them with that opportunity than with a photo booth. In 2017 you can forget about traditional photo booths and say hello to some slomo booths, GIF booths other interesting options that will entertain your guests for hours. Plus, you can program your booth to text photos and videos directly to your guests’ phones, so they can share and upload fresh images from your wedding and take many amazing memories home with them.

Couples are also going crazy for interesting and imaginative photos in wild locations, poses and themes. If you want your wedding photos to be memorable too, you can consult experts in wedding photography who will no doubt add their own amazing ideas and then bring it all to life with their skills.

Unique menus Many couples choose to tell their unique love story through food. They often choose to serve dishes that represent their culture, match the venue or remind them of the place where they met and fell in love. Wedding caterers are working closely with couples in order to create unique menus for their special day. Your guests will still get their standard fish, beef and vegetarian options, but this time with an interesting twist. Many couples also opt to go local, serving traditional meals made with local ingredients that are in season.

Drink up Same goes with drinks. Serve your guests your favourite drink or cocktail. Interesting and imaginative drinks are great conversation starters and often cheaper than an open bar. You can even turn your cocktail into an ice pop – perfect for summer ceremonies. Rosé wine will be present everywhere. Expect to see rosés in the wine selection, in a champagne form or during the cocktail hour. You can’t go wrong with rosé, especially for the colour it will add.

Naturally you don’t have to incorporate all of these into your wedding, but feel free to spice it up with some of these new 2017 trends to blow your guests away.

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