Gone are the days when your only option for your grand entrance was a bridal march. While this traditional piece of music still has its place, today’s wedding music selections are extensive. Songs do tend to have their own expiry date, with favourites like Beautiful Day finishing every ceremony in one wedding season. A great combination of songs can make or break a wedding, the lyrics setting the tone for the celebration and reflecting you as a couple.

Where do you start if you don’t have a special song that means something to you, the one you both listened to when you first met or a tune that reminds you of a key milestone in your relationship? We often suggest our clients think about what songs they’ve heard at other weddings that stood out. Perhaps there’s a special song your parents had at their wedding. You can search Top 20 wedding songs on the internet and, while you do risk generating lists from everything including Celine Dion to Elton John, there is plenty of inspiration out there to help with what’s current.

Another important thing to consider is whether the music is appropriate for the style of your wedding; does it fit your personalities and who you are as a couple; are the songs long enough to get everyone down the aisle or do you need two separate pieces of music?

There are usually four key pieces of music selected for a wedding:

• The bridesmaids’ and bride’s entrance – a meaningful and slow piece is usually chosen. There can be two songs if the bride would like her own entrance song.

• Signing of the marriage licence – often two songs at least due to the length of time taken for everyone to do the officials.

• Procession at the conclusion of the ceremony – this should be upbeat and set the tone for forthcomnig celebration.

• First Dance – well, there are no rules for this one – it all depends on what magically choreographed routine you’ve managed to perfect!

Some couples also opt for a song announcing their arrival at the reception, however this is not always a must have.

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