SOS STATION Plan for an SOS Station somewhere close to hand. Stock it with face mists, bug spray, sun block, straw hats or parasols and chilled bottled water. If you’re out on the grass, consider some slip on sandals (thongs/jandals) for those who forget and turn up in high heels. An alternative is to have various sizes of No Sink Heels available for female guests. Lightweight handheld fans are another brilliant idea that your guests will thank you for!

HYDRATE OFTEN Guests and the wedding couple should remember this rule. The heat and excitement has seen many a bride and groom feel lightheaded after standing at the altar for any given length of time. It’s even more important if alcohol is being consumed outdoors in the heat …. the rule is generally one large glass of water in between each alcoholic drink.

EYE CARE Who says you can’t wear sunnies on your wedding day? Forget them …. look for a pair that matches your outfit in colour and style, or go for something funky that ties in with the theme of your event. There’s nothing worse than those photos coming back and you’re squinting in the vast majority of them! Your eyes will shine all the more in your indoor shots if you haven’t developed a headache from over exposure to the sun!

KISSABLE LIPS Apart from your lipstick for colour touch-ups, add a lip balm with SPF into your purse, and ensure there’s one tucked into the groom’s suit pocket. Might be a great idea to buy a few spare – hand them out to the other bridal party members, and leave a few at your SOS station.

HEEL WOES So you want a little added height, but you don’t want to be tottering around on the lawn in stilettos? Consider wedges! Height and balance … and additional support through a long day of standing.

SPRITZ SOLUTION Before the wedding, keep your bouquets in a cool room or even the refrigerator. Keep a water spritzing bottle handy and spray them throughout the day to keep them hydrated.

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