1. How long have you been shooting weddings?

The longer the years of experience, the more knowledge and skills that he or she has most likely gained.

2. What’s your photography style?

There are different wedding photography styles that wedding photographers use. You have to know which style the photographer is most comfortable with. If it suits you and your wedding theme, then add the photographer to your shortlist.

3. Can I look through your portfolio?

The portfolio of a wedding photographer will usually contain a list of their experiences, sample wedding pictures and even their educational background. They may well include details of the photography courses they’ve undertaken.

4. Do you work solo or with an assistant?

Some larger wedding photography companies will just assign a member of their team to work on a wedding. You have to know who exactly will take photos during the wedding. Will it be the person you met and interviewed or will it be someone else? If it’s someone else, put these questions to them!

It is also important to ask if the photographer will bring an assistant with them during the wedding. An assistant can be a huge help to a photographer when covering a wedding, capturing the ceremony from different angles. An assistant can, for instance, focus on the guests while the main photographer gets that all important first kiss!

5. Do you have backup equipment?

Will they bring a spare in case their primary camera breaks down? You have to know what the wedding photographer plans to bring so you can assess if they appear to be an organised person who won’t let you down.

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6. What time will you start and end?

Make sure you choose someone who is prepared to be there for the champagne bridal breakfast and the last dance, if that’s what you require!

7. How long does your post-prodction take?

Post production of photo usually takes several weeks to even months depending on the schedule of the photographer as well as the number of photos that need to be enhanced. You have to ask for an estimated date or number of days that the photographer will finish the post production. The number of pictures, type of deliverables should be clearly stated in the contract that you and the photographer will sign.

Remember: these are only the seven most common questions. There are probably more, and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask any that you think of!

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