‘Oh I’ve just seen this movie and you won’t believe what happened’ … hmmm spoiler alert! Is it any different when a guest posts a photo of you on your big day on Facebook or Twitter before you’ve even said I Do?

Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I believe weddings are a time to be “present” and enjoy the moment of watching a loved one or close friend tie the knot. I’ve watched weddings become more and more impersonal, with many guests experiencing a wedding ceremony through the lens of a camera or the LCD screen of a phone.

Couples spend thousands hiring professional photographers to capture their day – they don’t want their images ruined by cameras held up in front of faces, hiding them from view; or flashes from other cameras ruining professional shots; or guests jumping in front of the official photographer to get that shot of the first kiss or the exchange of rings. Trust me – you can’t yell cut and do a re-take. We have become so distracted with technology!

It is now becoming increasingly acceptable for couples to request that guests don’t use their cameras or to respect their wishes not to post any photos to social media sites. YOU want to be the one sharing the BEST pictures of the day, rather than some shots appearing where you may not be looking your best.

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